Nxtnutrio – Your New Best Friend For Health

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Creators, Laurie & Fuat Kerkinni

Summer is here and it’s time to pack up that tired old winter wardrobe for the hottest trends in shorts and sandals. But don’t stop there! Along with a fresh take on what we are putting on our bodies, its the perfect time to change what we are putting in them as well. Summer is an excellent time to start a food shopping makeover – trading in that comfort food for healthier options.

The question is, where do I begin?” Since eating healthy sounds a whole lot easier than done, I’d like to share my secret weapon of success with you. After years of trying to clean up my diet through futile attempts at label reading and google searching, I have discovered a revolutionary tool that’s a life-changer on the food and health front. Nxtnutrio is an app for your phone that will change your entire experience at the grocery store.

Designed by a Twin Cities couple, Laurie and Fuat Kerkinni, this brilliant App, packed with an abundant supply of nutritional education, was created to help consumers make healthier choices at the grocery store. Now instead of wondering which brand of food is the better choice, or whether I should even consider eating it at all, I have the answers right at my finger tips.

What is most exciting about this indispensable tool is that my kids love it almost more than I do. I often hear them brushing off their debating skills in the grocery isle by discussing who gets to scan the next grocery item to discover whether it goes into our cart or stays on the shelf. Hey, anything that makes my kids excited about eating healthier is absolutely worth it’s weight in gold!

What is NxtNutrio anyway? In a very real sense, Nxtnutrio is power. This super smart App helps unsuspecting shoppers spot the numerous chemicals, additives, and preservatives hidden in many brand name foods. By scanning the barcode on the food package with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, up pops either a green check indicating the item is a good choice, a yellow mark if it has some questionable ingredients, or a red X telling you that it may not be the best choice, and why.

Nxtnutrio also gives specific information about each ingredient listed on the package, explaining exactly what the ingredients are and how they can affect one’s health. With more than 225,000 UPC’s in its database, NxtNutrio can identify healthy food, food allergens, and detect GMO’s. With this program, you don’t need to be a nutritionist, or learn the fine art of label reading, NxtNutrio does it for you. It’s easy format gives you the power to make quick decisions when purchasing food. By knowing what’s in the foods you buy and eat, you’ll understand what many of these ingredients can do and you’ll be armed and ready to make better decisions.

One of my favorite features on this App is their data base. If the food I scan is not on their data base, they will gladly add it in for me by simply clicking on the photo option, snapping a few photos of the product, press send and within a few days Nxtnutrio will research that item and add it to their data base. Now that’s what I call a healthful shoppers best friend!

You can learn more about Nxtnutrio and how to download their App on the web at www.nxtnutrio.com

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