Welcome to Culinary Butterfly. A place to stretch your culinary wings and discover life-changing inspiration through global cuisine, cultural lifestyles, and people from near and far.

From simple ideas to inspiring dishes, I invite you into my kitchen to learn how to make recipes and meals from around the world. I have found that sharing a meal with someone means sharing their time, learning their thoughts, and being willing to understand their lives. Culinary Butterfly offers you an opportunity to do just that with tried-and-true recipes from across the globe. Some traditional - some brand new, but each inspired by an exceptional person from an extraordinary culture and a story worth knowing.

I believe food, family, friendship, and love can erase distance and difference; creating everlasting change  - a butterfly effect. I encourage you to try a new recipe and open your heart and your dinner table to discover the goodness others. Jesus said, “They will know you by your love.” I hope my blog inspires you to do just that. Love.

"Unlike the butterfly, fluttering just beyond your grasp, wisdom, if you welcome it, will land upon your heart and open your mind to the beauty of others."

- Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa Soldo-Johnson, a Cookbook Author, Food Blogger, and a lover of Jesus Christ with a passion for people and cultures around the world. Welcome to my blog! I’m so glad you came and grateful for the opportunity to share a piece of my world with you from my perspective and my kitchen. I’m a wife, a mom of three, and an avid ethnic food enthusiast drawn like a magnet to people of cultural diversity.

I was born in America, of Italian and German heritage. My mom was one of the greatest cooks I know. She taught me to cook beginning in my twenties and often over the telephone. It wasn’t until I was on my own that I took an interest in cooking, and it was mostly so I didn’t starve! Even today, I’m still trying to perfect some unwritten recipes she was famous for. The challenge with learning to cook from someone who prepares her food from the feel of the spice shaker as the spice hits the pot is trickier than you might think. Hence, why her recipes were always fantastic and entirely impossible to duplicate.

But that’s what great cooks do. They learn to cook from the soul. I have decided that no one does it quite like Mom, and that’s OK. We just become different cooks. That’s the thing about cooking;  it changes with each generation. Sometimes it gives us the opportunity to discover new foods, new ideas, and new cultures. To me, that’s what makes food and life so beautiful?

Thank you for visiting. You are welcome back anytime, and I hope you visit often.

Blessings, Lisa

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