Desserts You Will Love

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Desserts You Will Love

The entire month of February is filled with Valentines Day treats everywhere you look. This is one holiday that you don’t have to spend a single minute in your kitchen slaving over making that beautiful dessert, unless of course you really want to.

Enter exhibit #1. The above photo is a prime example of what a “nope, I did not make this” gorgeous dessert looks like. Although I’d love to brag that I made this beauty myself, the credit actually goes to the Wholefoods bakery. Yes, I purchased this sweet baby for a mere $8.99 and I’m pretty darn proud of it! However, if your baking pan is calling out to you to make something amazing, I have the perfect dessert for you!


Yes, it’s as delightful as it looks! As if GF/DF wasn’t good enough, the other huge benefit to this recipe is that it is a raw, no-bake dessert. Common, it really doesn’t get much better than that, right? I adapted this recipe from one of my favorite bookbooks called Clean Eats by Alejandro Junger. I use a mini tart pan for mine because I love the look of a smaller dessert and it’s just the perfect amount of sweetness to complete a big meal.

The one thing to know about this dessert is that it takes just a bit of patience to form the tart shells. I like to line my tart pan with paper liners to make it easier to pull out of the pan once they are done. I also suggest removing the liners from the tart right before serving since the oil from the crust tends to seep through the paper a bit. Plus, the crust is so pretty, you want your guests to eat with their eyes before it ever reaches their mouth. I guarantee that will happen with this dessert! Finally, use what ever fun garnish you have on hand in your kitchen to decorate the top of your tarts. I used chocolate covered hemp seeds on mine. Yum oh Yum!

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