Cookbook Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes Peek

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For the past few years, I have been on an adventure of writing my very first cookbook. In July, I finally completed this life-changing journey of discovery. Through this process, I have had the privilege of learning to cook in the kitchens of friends from around the world, create and write recipes with a global influence, and discover my writer's voice - the voice that had long waited to find a place in the pages of a book.

It Begins at the Table is my love letter to my children, my family, my friends, and the world.  My dream is to inspire an awakening - for everyone who reads my book - to open your heart and soul to the goodness of others, especially those of other cultures. And, to make some pretty fantastic international food too!

With nearly one thousand photo taken, I wanted to give you just a tiny peek behind the scenes of this writing journey - the cookbook photo shoot.  Maybe, just maybe, it will inspire you to write your own book - one that has been tugging on your heart to consider.  For me, these photos and my book were once an idea in my imagination and are a reminder that anything is possible if you believe in your dreams, will work hard to achieve them, and never ever give up until you accomplish what may seemed, at the time, impossible to do.

Every idea - every dream starts with one tiny spark in your imagination. If you fan the flame enough, it will ignite an idea and a light that only you can bring to the world. I hope you fan your flame.

I am so grateful to the many friends around the world who have given their time and wisdom to teach me to make delicious foods from their country and to share their traditions and their heart with me.  Each of these beautiful friends come from the countries of Assyria, Iran, Israel, China, Mexico, Russia, and the United States of America. Because of the generosity and passion they have for their heritage, I have seen the world in a different way, learned the value of an open heart, and discovered a sincere love for cultures and people around the world.


I hope my book;  It Begins at the Table: 140 recipes to inspire love for every nation, tribe, and tongue inspires you to learn to make recipes from around the world, see beyond our differences, celebrate what makes us the same, and open your heart and table to those around you.

Watch for the release of my book in October 2019!  Find it on Amazon, in stores, and on .


  1. With so many books to choose from, to add to my Culinary Library… THIS one will be the MOSt soiled by flavors of the world, my finger prints, and the finger prints of those who join me in the kitchen… BUT, of most interest to me is FINALLY reading this book… that was written by one of the most GIFTED writers that I’ve ever met in my entire life… and I’ve been here for some time… 😉 XxOo Can Hardly wait to have it in my hands!!!

    1. Author

      Oh my goodness, thank you, Laurie! What a lovely compliment! I love that you get your cookbook pages soiled by fingerprints and flavors. That’s when you know the book is a good one! Moreover; thank you for the beautiful compliment. I do love to write and I’ve loved spending time in your kitchen learning the tips, tricks, and methods that make your food so amazing! As always, thank you so much for your support and love!


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