Bringing The Outside In

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Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, especially in Minnesota. As the tree’s leaves begin to turn brilliant hues of orange, red, burgundy and bright green, it’s a beautiful yet subtle reminder that, like it or not, the cold weather will soon become our reality. Even though the warm weather is ready to call it quits until spring, some of those beloved garden plants are still going strong. The great news is there is still a long beautiful life ahead for your favorite herbs and plants by simply bringing the outside – in.

My favorite thing about growing herbs indoors, especially in the winter when the selection goes down, and the price goes up, is that you always have fresh, healthy, delicious herbs anytime you need them and right at your fingertips. I just love adding my herb pots to the table in my sunroom, mixed in with family photos and seasonal decor. It adds beautiful color to the room while acting as a functional centerpiece.

“So…”, you might ask, “What kind of herbs grow best indoors?”. Here are ten herbs to consider, that are both indoor friendly and widely used in cooking, salads, teas, and herbal remedies. If you don’t already have potted herbs that need a geographical vacation from the outdoor, you may still be able to grab some of your favorites at your local Home Depot or garden store.
1. Basil
2. Chives
3. Rosemary
4. Thyme
5. Parsley
6. Cilantro
7. Tarragon
8. Sage
9. Rosemary
10.Bay Leaves

One more fantastically practical idea that my daughter gave me for growing your greens indoor is to regrow your romaine lettuce by placing the bottom of it in water once you cut off the leaves, then set it in a sunny window to grow. In just a few weeks, you will have a brand new healthy head of lettuce to use for your next salad. No sprays, no pesticides and organically grown by you. Now that’s a whole new reason to be excited about winter!

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