Culinary favorites are just that – a few of my favorite places to eat and to recommend as an outstanding place to dine. When it comes to restaurant reviews, there are plenty of opinions floating around on social media and the web for good places to eat, bad places to eat and everything in between. When it comes to dining, I like to keep it positive. If I have loved my restaurant experience, I will write about it and tell everyone I know that they must try it. If I don’t, I won’t. It’s as simple as that. Here’s to wishing you a great meal.
Lisa –

FACES MEARS PARK – St. Paul, Minnesota

OPERAKALLAREN – Stockholm, Sweden

UNION ROOFTOP BAR & GRILL – Minneapolis, Minnesota


BASIMO BEACH CAFE – Clearwater Beach, Florida

CAFE DU MONDE – New Orleans, Lousianna

ONE IF BY LAND, TWO IF BY SEA – New York, New York

BREAKERS HOTEL – Palm Beach, Florida

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