I’m excited to announce
“I am writing my first cookbook!”

An unexpected glimpse at the world around
us from the dinner table. Lisa Soldo-Johnson

Every culture has a rich heritage of ideas and traditions that make them beautifully unique. Food, family, friendship and love –  the great connectors of humanity — are written on the DNA of every nation, tribe and tongue and each can erase distance and difference. Yet, food is what brings us together at the dinner table.

From simple ideas to inspiring dishes – I invite you into my kitchen to learn how to make mouthwatering recipes and meals from around the world. I have found, sharing a meal with someone means sharing their time, learning their thoughts, and being willing to understand their life. My book offers you an opportunity to do just that with tried and true recipes from across the globe. Some traditional – some brand new, but each created by an exceptional person from an extraordinary culture and a story worth knowing. 

By doing this, we have the privilege of stepping out of our world and into theirs. I hope you will join me on this beautiful journey.

Global Cookbook- Video Trailer


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